Saturday, October 1, 2011

iOutrageously Awesome October!

One of my favorite months of the year has already started off beautifully, and it's only 4 PM!

The Eve of October 1st was fabulous, as well! I went on a date for the first time in... 
Well, a long time, hahaha. It was my first one-on-one date, and it was surprisingly not awkward at all! Especially for someone who cannot tolerate silence for any period of time, I had no idea how two people, not really that familiar with each other, could keep up a conversation for two or three solid hours. It happened, though! It was seriously so fun, and made me so excited to start dating. Tyson was so hilarious and we had so much fun golfing up Green Canyon with homemade glow in the dark balls (breaking glowsticks all over us at the same time ha)! We met at my Opinionology job, we get along so well!
I've decided to be brave and jump in. Dating is for developing friendships, and keeping that in mind makes it seriously so fun, and I hope that I can keep up the courage to go on a lot more in the future! And it was nice to get a FREE slurpee... That's right. A boy paid for my slurpee haha! 7-11 even had my favorite flavor, the Crystal Light Peach Mango! Truly, my goal for now is to date more. And any boys reading, ask me on a date. I promise I'll say yes, and we don't even have to do anything more exciting than play Scrabble and discuss world affairs. You don't even have to spend as much money on me as Tyson did with the slurpee... ;)

Enough with the dating sermon. Back to October! Today, after the morning session, my roommate Talia and a couple of her friends let me tag along to go to the Farmer's Market in Logan! Seriously, how on earth did I not go religiously all summer?! It was SO, SO, SO fabulous. SO cute, cheap, and amazing. I couldn't stop talking to everyone and looking at their amazing talents! I wished I had money and use for all they had haha, I'd totally buy everything! I already spent way too much on the cheap AMAZINGLY FRESH produce ha! I got a watermelon, cucumbers, carrots (SO fresh and fragrant!), and red potatoes! Can't wait for dinner tomorrow! And there was a baked goods table, and it was delicious. Seriously, I could barely handle it. The pumpkin spice muffin with cream cheese frosting was all over my face and I was in complete and utter ecstasy. There was a chocolate (Boston Creme, maybe?) pie, too, that was heavenly.

In summary, my dear friends, blog stalkers, and complete strangers, life is good. I'm so excited right now, after only two sessions of conference! I love you all! I hope your October has started off as well as mine; it's only going to get better with this gorgeous fall!

Monday, September 12, 2011

iSeptember Selebrations!

What a crazy concept!
Heavenly Father is the most amazing teacher - how is He supposed to ensure billions of His children learn and progress on Earth?
His methods are sound, but my goodness, they are overwhelming.
Once upon a time, I was at the epitome of blessedness.
Life could not possibly get better; I was smitten with the joys of it!
I remember telling a coworker distinctly that if I was getting this blessed, I was terrified for the trials of the future, because they'd have to equal my blessings.

Learning is a process.
It comes from all directions; people we meet, places we see, things that happen.
Every single day has a purpose to give us a knowledge of something more.
It's so efficient.
But heavens alive, is it exasperating haha.
The scariest thing I can remember happened last night,
and I'm still stumbling through the lessons that were smothered into me.
I almost killed six of the best friends I've ever had.
The guilt I felt for driving recklessly, inexperienced, and carelessly wouldn't stop throbbing in my head. Despite knowing that many or all of the factors were beyond my control, and that I did the best I could with what I was given, I couldn't get rid of the guilt.
I've never felt so awful and completely helpless.

The wonderful people I'm honored to be friends with surrounded me with love and forgiveness.
My family supported me with love and confidence.
My Heavenly Father blessed me with peace and knowledge.
And I've come out having actually learned something.

Sure I don't have a truck anymore, but I actually feel okay about it.
I'm so grateful for my friends and family, and that they're alive.
I'm grateful for the reminder of the fragility of life.
And I'm grateful for the opportunity to develop greater love for everything I have
and a greater faith.
I love the gospel, I love my family, and I love my friends!
Have a fabulous day and remaining September, everyone!
Remember how blessed you are to be alive!
RIP Geraldo!

You're welcome for your token cheesy blog for the day.
I aligned it in the middle and everything.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Oh hey, everybody. I'm Tracie. Hope you didn't forget me. Just in case, I feel the desire to re-inform you that I am alive, still large and most definitely IN CHARGE!
Hence, facespace mybook quiz:

1 - Your Favorite Song:
Hardest Question is first, of course. I think currently, though it's
You and I - Ingrid Michaelson

2 - Your Favorite Movie:
Singin' in the Rain with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds
3 - Your Favorite Television Program:
The Cosby Show, She-Ra, and That 70's Show (sorry, mom, guilty pleasure...)

4 - Your Favorite Book:
The Wind in the Willows
5 - Your Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes God Calms the Storm, sometimes He calms the Sailor, and sometimes He teaches the sailor how to swim."
6 - 20 of my Favorite Things:
Snow, Outside, Rain, Logan, Sherbet, Dance, Gospel, Family, Friends, Laughing, Sleeping, Fake teeth, Music, Singing, Being Awkward, Beatrice rides, Bear Lake, Jane Austen, Skewompus hair, and PBS.
7 - A photo that makes you happy:
 (We decided to make Pioneer Day cards to send to our loved ones. And yes, those are stick horses and weeds in our hands.)
and this pictures makes me almost as happy. 90's grunge party, everybody.

8 - A photo that makes you sad:
Niccole took a spill on the longboard and put a hole in her favorite jacket. It was very sad. BUT! Good news. We found a Rainbow Brite patch to cover it up. Thanks, Laura. :)

9 - A photo you took:
 Bloody nose on trek. Yikes.

10 - Something you are OCD about:
Toothpaste caps. I hate messy toothpaste caps. That's right, I wish they'd straight up die.
11 - Your Favorite Outfit:
My sparkly pink horse shirt with the moon and forest in the background, my H & M shoes, and my roll up Bermuda jean shorts. :)
12 - Your Favorite Shoes:
12 buck H&M shoes. So stoked for Fall H &M!
13 - Your dream house:
Don't care. As long as it has a piano, a huge yard, and lots of windows.
14- A song that makes you cry:
Mama's Red Slippers for Christmas. Kidding. I'm not even going to try to figure out the real title of the song else it'll be in all of our heads. Worst day ever.
15 - An art piece:
16 - My future wedding:
Outside reception, very simple, and filled with family, friends, laughing, and sparkling apple cider.
We'll be rich.
17 - A talent of yours:
I can make friends with anyone! I love to test this one out... Anyone with a challenge in mind, let me know. :)
18 - A hobby of yours:
Falling off my longboard daily and loving it.

19 - A recipe:
 Onera on anything, delish.

20 - A website:
love my Regina Spektor, Killers, and Edward Sharpe stations!

21 - A youtube video:
Kid History. So cliche, so funny. Episode 6 does not disappoint!
22 - Your day, in great detail:
Woke up late, longboarded to lab, learned how to use a microscope and identified several slides (surprisingly thrilling!), went to Subway, walked at Icon and talked to my good friends Diane, Heidi, and Brian ha, rode Beatrice, laughed very hard in Dr. Harris' Chemistry class as I sat on the floor in the back of the room (I was late ha), sat and talked with my best friends upstairs, went to Opinionology to chat with some kind folks, came home to many goodies my wonderful roomies make, stretched and talked to my bff's upstairs, blogstalked, and blogged. Phew. Big day.

23 - Your week, in great detail:
Crazy. Started school, I love it!
24 - Your worst habit:
Mocking people because I think it's funny! NOT funny! Mean. Very mean.
25 - Hopes, dreams, and plans for next 365 days:
Get real teeth, work hard and succeed in school, dance with my whole soul every single rehearsal, run a half marathon (amazing Diane at work did it, I can, too!!), make many many many new friends!
26 - A dream for the future:
Earn my blessings by being the best I can be and help those around me as much as I possibly can:
Show them how much Heavenly Father loves them!

The end. You know are reacquainted with Tracie Paul, 19, Logan, Utah.
Lovely to see you all again!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day post: remix: testimony!

My testimony on families has always been solid. I personally believe that one's very personality, lifetime, and choices are all affected enormously by circumstance and environment, which makes family all the more fragile and sacred. I can't fathom the responsibility two people feel as the head of a family.  It is their charge to ensure that the spirits they are blessed with have the best perspective on life as possible before they go out and make decisions.
Just yesterday, my good friend and I were talking about how if we had had different parents, how we would have turned out. She said if her parents were any stricter on her, she'd go crazy and rebel; but if they'd been anymore lax, she would have gone crazy without feeling of consequence. It's so true. I don't know how confident my parents were in their methods of parenting at the time. They probably felt guilty, insufficient, or not enough in their punishments or in giving me boundaries or advice. The miracle of it all is that it was enough. They didn't go too far in keeping me on a leash, but I sure as heck knew the leash was there. 
As I've gotten older, I notice what my parents did for me. I realize that I am because of them. Even in my false sense of independence, I realize that they are the ones keeping me independent. They quietly pass me money when I'm desperate and offer their basement as store with every visit. Heaven knows I've only bought toilet paper once for the past year. 
My parents are two of the most amazing people I've ever known. My mother is truly the sweetest woman alive, and I could go on and on about how much I worship her and how I love everything about her. But, it's Father's Day. So that will have to wait for Mother's Day, because I want to talk about my Dad.
Kim Paul is the funniest man I know. He doesn't even try. When he laughs, it's hilarious. His face gets red and his mustache twitches. I've never seen him laugh as hard as when he noticed someone on the news named Kim Paul Something get arrested, and remembering that that person was the son of a coworker my dad helped twenty something years ago, who named his baby after my dad in exchange. 
My dad is the most giving man I know. Completely selfless, he goes out of his way in a heartbeat for anyone and everyone. There are countless examples of the never ending service that he tirelessly gives to everyone at all times. So many have been blessed by this insanely talented man, and he never gives one indication of pride. If anything, he's one of the most modest men, in all things but mustaches and trucks.
My dad is the best dad in the world. I have always, always known with a fact that I had someone at my back. He calls constantly, and despite laughing in annoyance at times, I'm immensely grateful and humbled by the love he shows me. He protects me at all costs. If I'm ever having a hard time, or even slightly unlucky, he emotionally cuddles me right up and makes me remember how loved I am. He feels the pain with me and tries to console me. He spoils me rotten and I love, more than anything, making him proud. If I can find a man with as much strength, endurance, service, consideration, love, pride, and hard work as my dad, I will definitely be in the best of hands.
Families are one of the greatest blessings we have here on Earth. It astounds me how truly amazing Heavenly Father is, that he can coordinate and weave so many different elements into one solid existence, for billions of spirits. I can't imagine having a different or better dad, and I'll forever be grateful that Kim Paul is mine. Here's to the greatest parents someone could be so dang lucky to have!!! I love you both!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why my life is aboriginal as it gets.

As original.
Get it?

I totally have a freaking scooter. 
A genuine, motorized, 150cc, blue, gorgeous, ticket-able without a motorcycle endorsement scooter.
Her name is Beatrice and she has 210 miles on her as of today. 40 more and we can venture about 35 miles an hour.
Watch out, Logan. 
Since I'd become quite tired of work, I decided THIS GIRL needed some frozen yogurt from the Twizlberry across the street. So off my girl Beatrice and I went.
I packed on the goods. Cake batter and every chocolate topping available. 
I weighed it.
14.0 ounces EXACTLY. (yes, almost a pound. Don't judge.)
SURPRISE! Today's Weight of the Day was 14.0. WHICH MEANS it was one hundred percent 
I have the greatest jobs in the world. One, I talk to fabulous people all day while breaking workout equipment.
And also, sometimes we get to take a jump rope outside and I always see this snake on the side of the violently pregnant Logan River, in the same spot. I've seen him five times now. He's scared of me. But give us a few more weeks. We'll be pals yet.
The other, I talk to fabulous people all day while on a headset. I have so many great stories of hilarious people. I love calling America.
Those are mostly my reasons for having an aboriginal as it gets life. 
And also, sometimes I stand like this.  
 Oh and also. I'm pretty brown, too. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

homesick... while somehow managing to be as unhomely as possible. who knew?

the smell of lucy's tummy
drinking a huge swig of dad's ice water in the middle of the night
the smell of my basement
warm silence
mowing the lawn
cosby/mash/nova/the simpsons/secret snatches of that 70's show
eating whatever, whenever, not caring how it fit in my weekly grocery budget
no competition
my piano
kat's house
singing as loud as possible
mom and dad's bed
the trampoline
bear lake
mailbox runs
grandma's garden runs
neighborhood runs
home in the summer!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trolloping Tractors Tragically Trash Tracie's Trainers.

The good news is that I have an insanely awesome job that I start tomorrow! I'm terribly excited for it.
The bad news is that I spent a good portion of the last 24 hours throwing up.
The good news is that I feel much better.
The bad news is that I'm a pirate.
The good news is that I'm a pirate.
The bad news is that when someone rides a longboard, they get asked a lot of questions, much about legitimacy. Why do they care? It's a mode of transportation. Weirdos. Country Bumpkins. Goons. Silly Cindys.
The good news is that I'm meeting millions of people. Literally.
The bad news is that I just lied. Not literally.
The good news is that there are attractive men living in my building.
The bad news is that they scare me, so I will likely be mean and sarcastically witty to them in an elementary school way to show them my interest.
The good news is that I'm just a baby, so it doesn't matter, anyways. Friendship!
For other news, visit, but it's not nearly as riveting as mine, sorry!
Thank you, and good night.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Deep Breath

Guess what, everyone?

Life is super scary.

I have an entire summer before me.
I have no idea what it holds, and I'm quite nervous.
As I am essentially by myself for the first time, I've felt a lot of insecurity lately. My best friends have all left, and I need to find new people to love.

There are 48,174 people in Logan.
And I plan on meeting at least three of them everyday for the next three months.
I'll look at the library, the CVTD (bus), the store, church, my building, everywhere!
I will learn their stories, fall in love with them, and tell them how appreciated they are, and write about what I've learned from them here.

I want to find a better friend within myself. I need to better acquaint myself with me and my Heavenly Father. These two important relationships have severely suffered in being constantly surrounded by stress and the comfort zones of good friends.
I'm determined to make this seemingly lonely summer turn into one of the most lovely I'll ever have.
As my co-worker Chelsea, always says, "Friendship!"
Here's to breaking comfort zones!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California 2011, again!

So as an outrageously super lucky (and frivolous) girl, I went to California the past week with my neighbor and his friends! It was totally an impulsive decision, much to my dad's disgust, but I had an amazing time!
The only downer of this trip was the lack of Dole Whips. Those who know me can understand my deep sorrow at this. But I got over it, thanks to this:
And nearly replaced it, with THIS! Coconut Fudge ice cream, at Marianne's in Santa Cruz!
 And luckily, I have this fabulous beach body, which fabulousness was amplified ten fold by this flattering wet suits! Truly, though, surfing was one of the most amazing things ever! It was so dang fun, but so hard!

 And this, dear friends, is my uncannily well fashioned pal, Jeffrey William Lunt. Who doesn't love a good plaid on plaid combo?

The gorgeous Monterey bay!

 The Pier with amazing clam chowder in sourdough breadbowls!
SO SO SO good.

 This was a gorgeous beach we stopped at while on our way to San Francisco on Highway One.

The whole gang! (left to right)
Preston, Jeff, Ashley, and myself.

 And because we didn't take pictures surfing, I thought I'd give you an image as to how good we were.
Better than this guy.
You better believe it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

In the summertime, when the weather is hot...

Stars and garters, all. It's summer time, already! Enormous plans! I'm so terribly excited! I'm moving in two weeks into an apartment with three mysteries, into a place with my OWN bedroom AND bathroom!!! Almost too great to handle! I've been job hunting all morning to part time along with my fabulous ICON job, and I'm so excited! Along with the new setting, I have some new goals:

  1. Run the half marathon in August.
  2. Make an insane amount of new friends, especially to adventure with, since I'm losing my current ones to the gospel! I guess I'll allow it...
  3. Get my emergency fund of 2000 to sit on.
  4. Get a library card!
  5. Thoroughly explore every cents worth of mountain within ten miles. I WILL become a mountain woman. Plus showering. And makeup. I'm far too vain.
  6. Drench my Book of Mormon in highlighter.
  7. Get a few new freckles.
AND I get to go to San Jose and San Francisco this Friday for a week! I'm going to explode in confetti if one more happy thing occurs. Luckily, I have finals to prevent explosion. Thank the stars, right? To be continued!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sheldon Badger

Meet Sheldon.
 He's just visiting a friend of ours. He's mean and scared but we love him. And he loves us. And he loves carrots. And pretending to be dead. And biting people. But he's only drew blood once, so no fears. We're a family.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welp. That was awkward.

That was a hefty amount of silence for a month and a half. I thoroughly apologize, dear loyal readers! So I guess I'll catch you up on the life of TP.
First of all. I did not kill myself after that last post. It was merely deep, and written very late at night, which is why it was so emo. My apologies, brothers and sisters.
Second of all. What the sod is so hard about writing a post every once in a while? Nothing. That's what. So no worries, all, I will pick up the slack. My life is about to escalate and go on such drastic paths straight to Mt. Doom! Without the Doom. And minus humanity and mankind up for grabs. But. It's an adventure, and I'm terribly, awfully, super duper up to heavenly stoked for all things.
Third of all. The most recent of my adventures was the Holi Festival of Colors in Salem last weekend with my fabulous neighbors from across the hall! Love those boys!!! But truly. SOOO dang amazing. My mind was blown, and I loved how many people were there, with so much love and corn starch in the air! I almost converted. But then realized we preach the same things. Minus the monkey legends. And we don't need to burn witches to get rid of our moral enemies. But it was amazing. I love people. They're so different and awesome, and I just want to be best friends with everyone.

 Before! And again, I'm sorry for the nasty gum, Kathrin.

 The awesome band! The only lyrics were Hare Krishna, so we sang and danced to all of them. We picked it up pretty fast, for not even being Indian.

 Um. The band was super legitimate. But the picture didn't work. Look at it anyways.
 The witch we burned. "Good conquers evil! Burn that witch! Burn that witch!" - preacher and us. :)
 Please notice the hefty amounts of corn starch in my mouth. I spat purple for many moons after.

And otherwise. That's my life, all caught up. And I found somewhere to live all summer in Logan! And work! So good times ahead, homes!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

La Vie en Rose

For an even better reading experience, it is advised to listen to this as you read:

Life is fabulous. It is incredibly hard, frustrating, exasperating, infuriating, but insanely amazing. This principle alone is such a strong indicator of the existence of a loving Heavenly Father, it's overwhelming. My wonderful family, friends, opportunities, and trials, are all huge in making me the person I am today.
The growth from trials is essential. We are supposed to make mistakes, and there's no way we won't. We just have to remember to try as hard as we can, forget ourselves, and love every single person around us. Grace takes care of the rest, and we don't even have to worry about anything else. I've always loved the quote (of course, worded differently) to not let the things we're not sure about, make us doubt the things we know. I don't know very much, but what I do, I'm positive about, and nothing is more comforting. Life is a journey we need to enjoy, despite how exasperating it gets, because with the right perspective, the pro's exponentially outweigh the cons. Even the cons are beautiful in their own way, and we'll never experience life again, so we need to live everyday with a thirst of every kind of knowledge and gratitude in our hearts. I, myself, need to remember this, and I am going to start working on it more. I'm grateful for all of you and how amazing you truly are!

Monday, January 3, 2011

RIP 2010

I don't like New Year's. It makes me feel anxious, like time has wasted or gone by too fast without doing anything. But I do like it because of the Sparkling Cider, kissing Lucile, and Rock Band. And it makes me think of Forrest Gump. So I mostly like it!

So here's where it gets hefty.
GOALS for 2011

  1. I'm going to run a half marathon in the spring with some friends from work! I've been working on running, because I stink at it, but my acquisition of a recent iPod has greatly helped! And luckily, I work out for a job, so if I don't achieve this goal, sod on the other five, because apparently I will do nothing. :)
  2. I want to prepare for a mission. As if I'm going in a month, because even though I can't go now, I should be constantly preparing to be better! So this means more budget watching, I like Jamba too much, more time watching, and definitely more study. I'm excited!
  3. I WILL get a 4.0 this spring semester. I got a 3.31 one last semester, with the easiest classes, so now I'm going to buckle down. There's no reason I can't get it! "I'm kind of a genius, shh!" :)
  4. I want to get a savings of $1,000 emergency fund going, annually. I absolutely hate money, like everyone. I hate asking for it most of all, though, so I'm excited!
  5. This is the loftiest goal, thanks to goal number four, but I want a car. I need a car. I'm done mourning for Sheniquah, my cute, chubby, white Chevy Aveo.
  6. Actually, this is the last and loftiest goal. I want to kiss someone I like. I'm way too little for a relationship, but I dearly love to flirt. There's no one who has me twitterpated though, so maybe I'll have to wait til I leave USU, but it'd be nice to happen this year! :)
Welp. 2011, this should be real.
(And for Hannah's sake, I'm also making a goal to do all my visiting teaching. Habf. :))
Oh, and I'll blog more. :)