Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Dance Your Pants Off!" - Richard Simmons

If anyone knows me, they know I like to dance. If anyone reads my About Me, they know I like to dance. So what would one do with a liking for dance? I was faced with this problem upon entering USU, as I thought my dancing days were over! In my pondering, I thought, "What Would Richard Do?"
I'll tell you what Richard would do. He would tell me to calm down, smile, and just be my beautiful self. He would find a solution. He would look up information on the internet. He wouldn't have found anything on the internet, because Tracie didn't either. Apparently, the dance community at USU doesn't know we have that resource available, but that's ok! They do utilize the poster system! And the second I saw one on Friday, I just knew what I would have to do, which is what Richard would have done. Put on my Be Happy shirt and my spandex (not quite as short as Richard's), and got ready to dance my pants off. 76 other girls had the same idea! Apparently Richard's kind of promiscuous, lending-ideas-wise. But that's ok! Because I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Full Circle is USU's contemporary dance company, and 13 of the 76 made it, including me! It was crazy intense, five hours long! But two dances, one cut, many stressful call backs (one of which I FORGOT, let me repeat, FORGOT half of one of the dances and legitimately laughed out loud as I pranced about trying to be professional - SOD!), they called my number, 62!!! I would have pictures, but my camera sadly died. But anyways! I'm pretty stoked! It's a great company, and we're doing tons of shows and our main concert is in April! Pretty much, college has once again given me the best case scenario!! I sure do love Logan. :)
P.S. my roommates are seriously the best! Look how nice and amazing they are! They got me chocolate and balloons. I love them!

Recent Happenings!

Warning: I could not be any more confused with how to fix the layout and everything of the pictures in relation to the text, so I kind of just slathered pictures everywhere and put explanations at the end. But it's there! So hold on, hold on. We can make it together! (five points for that song/movie reference)
A selection of the finest adventures in a week of the lives of Apartment 29!
One of the biggest pro's for USU was the close proximity of Bear Lake! I'm making a goal of going there once a week while it's decently warm. Or even if it's decently freezing, as was the case when we went on Saturday! Some of our good friends from high school live right down the hall and have motorcycles, so I got to ride up the canyon on one! We even got splashed by a car like in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But it wasn't romantic like How to Lose a Guy, because Cody is not Matthew M, unfortunately. But once we were there, it was too cold to swim too much, so we had a lot of fun with the sand and played soccer in the cess pools. Where we found the sock adorning our sand castle.
The very first day of school rained, and Shantae and I waited for the bus in complete and utter excitement. Really, college rocks. Quite thoroughly.
Tori and Jessica in the bed of Jared's truck when we went on a hike to a tunnel by First Dam!