Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nuggets of kNowledge to Nibble oN

It's been a little over three months of singularity. Remember how it was kind of like three months of delivering a baby calf? The first two months were bloody, and the third month has been delivering the afterbirth/cleaning up/working out again to get fit to attract another stud to put another baby cow in my belly.
So here I am. And guess what. I'M OKAY.
I know, we're all enormously surprised and floored. But, even more enormously flooring is that
Crazy cool stuff. I feel like I just graduated from Hogwarts after the most intense seven years of my life, and I am so ready to contribute to my Wizarding community. All my Professors are proud and wrote me the finest letters of recommendation. 
So now, to etch it into the plates of my life, I'm typing it into my blog where it will live forever and ever.


Kiss at every single stop light you come to. Because you can.
Mistakes are the goal. They reveal your true intentions and give you the great opportunity to apologize and forgive.
Balance your life. Still retain your other friendships, it's healthy to not spend every second together.
It's important to like each other's friends.
Sacrifice for each other. It's the enzyme that speeds reactions up with less energy.
Serve them at every opportunity. Just another substrate that can fit in the active site for previously stated enzyme.
Leave Facebook out of it. Ew. Nuff said.
The sooner you know their struggles and cons, the better.

But my favorite giblets of goodness I've acquired are these:
1. Almost everyone is awesome and someone you could potentially spend your life with. 
So you can afford to be picky.

2. Someone thought you were beautiful without any makeup on. When you were sobbing and blowing your nose in their sweater. When you said things you didn't mean. When they saw you make stupid decisions and hate yourself afterward. When you made yourself look like an idiot. When you were mad at them. When you hadn't showered for days and were sweating like the Paul you are. But mostly, when they find out who you really are. 

And if someone thought you were beautiful, you are.
And someone else will, too.
So look forward to them, and in the meantime, you don't need anyone but good music, good friends, good family, good activities, and good thoughts.