Monday, January 3, 2011

RIP 2010

I don't like New Year's. It makes me feel anxious, like time has wasted or gone by too fast without doing anything. But I do like it because of the Sparkling Cider, kissing Lucile, and Rock Band. And it makes me think of Forrest Gump. So I mostly like it!

So here's where it gets hefty.
GOALS for 2011

  1. I'm going to run a half marathon in the spring with some friends from work! I've been working on running, because I stink at it, but my acquisition of a recent iPod has greatly helped! And luckily, I work out for a job, so if I don't achieve this goal, sod on the other five, because apparently I will do nothing. :)
  2. I want to prepare for a mission. As if I'm going in a month, because even though I can't go now, I should be constantly preparing to be better! So this means more budget watching, I like Jamba too much, more time watching, and definitely more study. I'm excited!
  3. I WILL get a 4.0 this spring semester. I got a 3.31 one last semester, with the easiest classes, so now I'm going to buckle down. There's no reason I can't get it! "I'm kind of a genius, shh!" :)
  4. I want to get a savings of $1,000 emergency fund going, annually. I absolutely hate money, like everyone. I hate asking for it most of all, though, so I'm excited!
  5. This is the loftiest goal, thanks to goal number four, but I want a car. I need a car. I'm done mourning for Sheniquah, my cute, chubby, white Chevy Aveo.
  6. Actually, this is the last and loftiest goal. I want to kiss someone I like. I'm way too little for a relationship, but I dearly love to flirt. There's no one who has me twitterpated though, so maybe I'll have to wait til I leave USU, but it'd be nice to happen this year! :)
Welp. 2011, this should be real.
(And for Hannah's sake, I'm also making a goal to do all my visiting teaching. Habf. :))
Oh, and I'll blog more. :)