Wednesday, October 2, 2013

just a little of this and that.

If you want to spend the next two minutes looking like this

Then you best be clicking on this link by a group named Belle and Sebastian:

And that is the introduction to this blog.

I really hope that gif moves as slowly as it is right now in the rough draft. You can really see each groove Carlton hits and jams to. It's really quite nice. 

My calculations show that it's now October of 2013 and what a treat that is. This semester up at Utah State University has been the 
Tell you what. I like school. I love roommates. I love friends. I love dance. I love Kneaders. I love men.
So yeah it's pretty all right these days.
I wake up in the morning. Wave to Lindsay Judd across the room in her bed. Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack. And quickly follow that with some Advance White Baking Soda (the greatest toothpaste known). And then, the door opens to Cache Valley. Every day is pretty much like this.

Except I don't see Zooey Deschanel naked, thank the stars above. Grrrrrrrrossssss!!!!
And Sky View High School's marching band could definitely use some work, but hey. I'll take what I can get 49.7 miles from the nearest Target.

And sometimes it's a little bit less than that, but at the end of every day, I climb into my amazing bed I inherited from my late great uncle Chuck (his name is definitely written on the side), wave to that great woman Lindsay across the room, and fall asleep to the sounds of whatever Disney VHS we chose that night. It's incredibly wasteful, energy-wise, but hey, I work at Kneaders. I'm rich. I'll pay 20 utility bills with my pocket change.

(I just laughed so hard at how funnily false that was)

But anyways. I'm laying in this here river, just letting the water push me along. And sometimes, some rocks hit me from the bottom and I cry for a couple minutes and need to eat ice cream, but then some swell salmon comes along and nudges me out of my chocolatey coma induced bank back into the mainstream. And I can't wait to see what's just beyond that riverbend, Koko-um. Because it's coming up fast! I graduate in the summer time, I'll probably chill the rest of the summer in Logan living the remainder of my dreams and saving money. Then I'll probably take that money and spend it all on a great trip to Europe or Africa or Australia or whatever tickles my fancy. And then I'll come home, ready to call it a life and start a new chapter!

Here's to being single, young, and childless.

(p.s. IF YOU'RE MARRIED, OLD, AND WITH CHILDREN, DON'T YOU DARE COMPLAIN because I can't wait to be you. Well I can clearly wait. Because I am. But still. You're cool, too, guys.)