Saturday, May 5, 2012

May the Fourth be with you...

Musical Appetizer: a cover on Outkast's Hey Ya! by Obadiah Parker. Love it!

Yesterday, May 4th, 2012, sucked.

Surprising, right? Because normally my opening song illustrates the mood of the post. And this song is quite positive. And that sentence above this paragraph is extremely negative. But please, just bear with me, you fantastic fishes, you.

So yesterday sucked <cringe emoticon>. It started off quite excellently, right at midnight, with the Avengers. A pretty great movie. Then I slept for three hours before I went to work. Which was also excellent, the sleep and work. Someone almost passed out on an elliptical and I just kept bouncing on the mini tramp. Thrilling morning. Then. I cleaned a bathroom for two hours. That sucked. Sucked bum. Literally. Not literally. Comet cleaner sucked the bum juice off my toilet, that's what was literal. Gross, I know.
I had to finish packing. Which was extremely chaotic and I ended up using boxes from the state liquor store. Which didn't suck. I enjoy the amount of Jack Daniel boxes stored in my friend's garage until I can move into my next home Monday.
I had to finish all of this by a certain time so I could take Kevin to the airport in time to catch his flight to DC, then Paris, then JORDAN, where he will be for the next five weeks.
THAT! part sucked. I was extremely stressed and exasperated. My hair was in a top Polynesian style bun and everything, and I'm not dancing, which is generally the only time those are acceptable as a redheaded caucasian,
THAT!'s how stressed I was!

Musical Entree: You are a Radar Detector, by Darwin Deez. Magnificent music video on top of it's excellent sound. Thank you, Talia Celeste Pratte!

So anyways. It was a rough go. But. The moment I had a banana pudding shake from Chick Fil A in my tummy, I remembered how not sucky life was. Despite being in a vacuum. (Get it? We're in space. AKA a vacuum. Vacuums suck. So life sucks. It's a joke. Lolz!) And I realized how great Jordan will be. And Kevin is going to have the most exquisite time in his whole life, and I could not be more stoked for him or jealous! And it will be excellent for me, because I can work a ton and maybe date a couple other guys, if they're proactive. Because I don't want to try ha. Even though I should try to date other guys, I'm actually pretty content with my current one, even though he's going to be in the Middle East, on the other side of the world. But, in my girlfriend contract, we decided, if presented with the opportunity, I should date around. Because my name is Tracie and I haven't really dated anyone ha. It's really too bad I wasn't like everyone else and started pouncing the opposite gender at 16. Or earlier. Ha. And yet I don't think I missed too much, pubescent glory is just not as great as the Disney Channel portrays it. I know, I was furious when I found out, too. Raven lied to us all.
But yes. At the end of the day, I am listening to happy music. Because I am happy. Because I can be patient. and also because I found out I'm getting a new niece!!!! And I got a new job at Kneader's on top of it all. So how could I not be happier than a clam?! Or every clam in the ocean put together?!

Musical Dessert: Walking on a Dream, Empire of the Sun. Your visual dessert, as well, if you enjoy Asian culture, biking, and extremes in both makeup and dancing...

Anyways. That's all that happened yesterday. And we watched 8 Mile. Eminem is cool.
And I'm just really happy.
Babies, new jobs, banana pudding shakes, airport kisses and music = best Star Wars day ever.