Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garth Brooks - who knew?

"wurh oh. Racie wrote arother brog porst, prepare for parrtry fourl" - The Scoobster.

Actually, I'm pretty sure if you tried to sound that out, it sounded nothing like Scooby Doo. Sorry!

But for reals, guys. It's ok. You don't have to get ready to feel bad for me. Because I'm done feeling bad for myself! It's fun to be emo for a second but not very practical, sadly. Sadly, haha, get it?

Meanwhile, you're screaming, "But Tracie, the Post Subject says Garth Brooks? What's that all about?" Then I calmly reply, "Guys, guys, take a chill pill. I'm getting to it."
And ya'll say, "But we're investing time and energy in reading this, and are thus far reaping nothing but inaccurate Mystery Van references!"
Then I say, "Well that's a bit hurtful. If you could just be like patient or something I'll get to it."
And you'll say, "Trace, we can only wait so long."
And I'll say, "But what about my need to entertain my throng of readers? I need to put something good in here like dialogues or something!"
And you shake your head and say, "You're a corker, Tracie. A real corker."
And I say, "Uh not really cause my hair is NOT naturally red, as you can see from the inch of blonde, and also I'm nothing like Nicole Kidman. Also I've never seen Tom Cruise's junk."
Then we look at each other silently, it gets suuuuuuper awkward, and I continue typing. And you continue reading.

Someone recently recommended I listen to the song Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks. My only exposure to this fine man was I've Got Friends, which is grand, but I gave it the old college try and an ear. I learned a few things, that country is good but not my favorite. And that the message of the song was true.
For those confused, this is the song:

Crazy good message. I loved it. But remember how there's always a lag between your brain hearing something and your soul acting on it? This lag is getting annoyingly long. But it's slowly getting closer to ending, and I'm starting to understand. I'm back on my feet. Which feels really nice after getting knocked over by just some stupid old wind.

I still miss him. But that's ok and expected, because he was a real cool cat and we learned a lot from each other. But it's clearly time to move on. So I'm going to quit asking why and just plunge ahead. And it'll all work out. I'm stoked for that to happen. And I'll get another trial to spear through the heart and jig upon its mean stupid face. And on and on until further on in the electron transport chain, I've accumulated so many protons that I can finally make 34 more ATP to continue living the crap out of life. :)
Thanks for being my friends, friends. You guys are like the greatest.