Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Awww, man!" - snapped Swiper, rolling his eyes in exasperation.

My very own sisters and mother confessed to never clicking on the music links I post, and it just killed me. Flat out, they may as well had just beaten me over the head with this.
(from the movie Moonrise Kingdom. Particularly fabulous one, if I can add. Shout out to Kat P for purchasing my own copy for me.)

But despite that kindness, she doesn't listen to my musical tidbits. But whatever.
Who needs family, right?
I'm persevering and
This is a lovely song by a wonderful group called the National. The lead singer's voice just melts my butter.
It's been awhile since I had a good blogging sesh, and since I'm a Mormon girl with limited amount of social encounters, I'm pretty sure it's required of me to update. I mean, my public needs me, right?
So Draper's been a downright fiesta. I have had some AMAZINGLY wonderful times, and it's only July. I have a whopping four remaining weeks to fill with even more. It was definitely different than what I expected. I was pretty certain I'd meet some gorgeous granola snowboarder with an established career and a desperate urge to take me to the nearest Temple, marry me, and pay for my school, but spoiler alert, I couldn't find him. Rats.
But instead, I got to to know myself even more. It's crazy how you can live with yourself so long, letting everyday life take over your thoughts instead of thinking about who you are, and who you want to be. And even though I didn't smash any marathon records or write any religious novels, I made some progress and I can say that I can be content being alone. Leaving Logan and my established social circles made me realize I'm not as Miss Independent as I thought, and I lean on my friends a TON. So shout out to those wonderful cats that support me, because living without them was a bit rough at first. But I got to the point where I didn't have a life-depending urge to be on social networks with people thinking about me and commenting on my junk at all times. And it rocks. I still sometimes think I'm friendless and the bag lady from the Labrynth, but then, I say, "Trace, you're tired, and hungry. So you relax, girl, and just wait until your brain takes off it's Thespian mantle." And guess what. It works. And I realize I have a million friends.
Or at least, like, five really good ones.
So anyways. I've just really gotten to enjoy the company of myself. I mean look at that face. And that hair. Stunning likeness. I am the bag lady. Well. I wish. Then I'd have so much stuff. And I'd roll around in it.
So anyways again. Draper's been awesome, especially because of the time I've had to spend with my fabulous family. I'm typing this with nails covered in FOUR different colored polishes, and even a bunch of jewels that Toria stuck on a few of them. Audrey just came down to ask if I could tuck her in, and she whisperedly showed me the two piles of clothes she laid out as options for her and Ellie's outfits tomorrow. Haha I love it. Families are Forever, everyone. And I couldn't be more grateful, because even though we fight and are horribly mean to each other, I NEVER have as much fun with anyone as I do with my four brothers and sisters, their spouses, children, and dogs. And who can even forget my parents. I can't even handle how obsessed I am with them. I'm grateful for a gospel that is so family centered. To learn more about how families have eternal natures, visit :)
It will be hard to leave Salt Lake to return to Logan, but I'm excited. Logan is my home away from home, and one of the most beautiful places on earth. I'm a proud Aggie and can't wait to keep trudging through my mess of an education haha.
All in all, it's a wonderful life, as George Bailey says.
Not my periodontist, the other George Bailey.