Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sheldon Badger

Meet Sheldon.
 He's just visiting a friend of ours. He's mean and scared but we love him. And he loves us. And he loves carrots. And pretending to be dead. And biting people. But he's only drew blood once, so no fears. We're a family.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welp. That was awkward.

That was a hefty amount of silence for a month and a half. I thoroughly apologize, dear loyal readers! So I guess I'll catch you up on the life of TP.
First of all. I did not kill myself after that last post. It was merely deep, and written very late at night, which is why it was so emo. My apologies, brothers and sisters.
Second of all. What the sod is so hard about writing a post every once in a while? Nothing. That's what. So no worries, all, I will pick up the slack. My life is about to escalate and go on such drastic paths straight to Mt. Doom! Without the Doom. And minus humanity and mankind up for grabs. But. It's an adventure, and I'm terribly, awfully, super duper up to heavenly stoked for all things.
Third of all. The most recent of my adventures was the Holi Festival of Colors in Salem last weekend with my fabulous neighbors from across the hall! Love those boys!!! But truly. SOOO dang amazing. My mind was blown, and I loved how many people were there, with so much love and corn starch in the air! I almost converted. But then realized we preach the same things. Minus the monkey legends. And we don't need to burn witches to get rid of our moral enemies. But it was amazing. I love people. They're so different and awesome, and I just want to be best friends with everyone.

 Before! And again, I'm sorry for the nasty gum, Kathrin.

 The awesome band! The only lyrics were Hare Krishna, so we sang and danced to all of them. We picked it up pretty fast, for not even being Indian.

 Um. The band was super legitimate. But the picture didn't work. Look at it anyways.
 The witch we burned. "Good conquers evil! Burn that witch! Burn that witch!" - preacher and us. :)
 Please notice the hefty amounts of corn starch in my mouth. I spat purple for many moons after.

And otherwise. That's my life, all caught up. And I found somewhere to live all summer in Logan! And work! So good times ahead, homes!