Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welp. Big Gulps, anyone?

Appropriate after a month of silence, I'd say.
Introductions halfway through the school year:
These are my lovely roommates!!! From left to right,
Bridgett, Jessica, Torianne, Katelin, and Shantae (she's on top of me, hence her picture is framed by Hobbit/Hermione hair)

These women are my very best friends, every cents worth, the greatest girls ever!
Bridgett is top notch. We are soul sisters. Our iPods (if I had one) are exactly synced, we love musicals, 80's music, buck rap, and last but not least, Michael J. She's obsessed.
Jessica is hilarious. She talks a million miles an hour, and I never understand anything she says. She stresses about everything, and mass texts us about rent a week in advance. She is the source of our Grey's Anatomy obsession and we live on their king sized bed (two twins pushed together), watching it.
Torianne is ok. Kidding. She's simply the best person ever and we're waiting for her to be translated any minute so we can raid her food box. She's quiet but absolutely HILARIOUS and so adorable. She's the best friend anyone could have, especially since she supports and joins in my procrastinating.
Katelin is my actual roommate. She's truly amazing and I love her dearly! It's crazy how well we mesh, we listen to Enya to get ready in the mornings and make each other's beds. She's a crazy legitimate Irish dancer, and is always working. The good thing about her working is the supply of old crappy glasses she brings home that adorn our pictures. She wakes me up for class everyday when my 4 alarms down, and she's a genuine blessing in my life!
So that novel was mainly for Kat P and L-Train. Anyone who endured gets a high five.
This is Cody J. He is our father in every sense but the biological. Whenever we're uncertain about anything: school, boys, family, or life, he is the ultimate psychiatrist and helps us every second possible! We're all big fan. That's all.
This, all, is Hannah G. And a G, she is. Straight up THUG! Pretty much we rarely hang out, but those hang outs are so solid and great that it makes up for just living together. She's hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Kat P, who she reminds me of. That's all.

And those are the people I live with. Good times, yeah?
P.S. recent adventures include:
Halloween 5K where we had a lunchbox with a radio and jammed to it the whole race
We also jumped in First Dam. Again. Our current goal is to jump every month for the rest of our lives. Or collegiate lives at least.
Also decorated our apartment as white trash possible, the lights are all over the inside of our house, it's amazing.
Also.  I stole a sign the other day.
Til next time!