Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Oh hey, everybody. I'm Tracie. Hope you didn't forget me. Just in case, I feel the desire to re-inform you that I am alive, still large and most definitely IN CHARGE!
Hence, facespace mybook quiz:

1 - Your Favorite Song:
Hardest Question is first, of course. I think currently, though it's
You and I - Ingrid Michaelson

2 - Your Favorite Movie:
Singin' in the Rain with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds
3 - Your Favorite Television Program:
The Cosby Show, She-Ra, and That 70's Show (sorry, mom, guilty pleasure...)

4 - Your Favorite Book:
The Wind in the Willows
5 - Your Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes God Calms the Storm, sometimes He calms the Sailor, and sometimes He teaches the sailor how to swim."
6 - 20 of my Favorite Things:
Snow, Outside, Rain, Logan, Sherbet, Dance, Gospel, Family, Friends, Laughing, Sleeping, Fake teeth, Music, Singing, Being Awkward, Beatrice rides, Bear Lake, Jane Austen, Skewompus hair, and PBS.
7 - A photo that makes you happy:
 (We decided to make Pioneer Day cards to send to our loved ones. And yes, those are stick horses and weeds in our hands.)
and this pictures makes me almost as happy. 90's grunge party, everybody.

8 - A photo that makes you sad:
Niccole took a spill on the longboard and put a hole in her favorite jacket. It was very sad. BUT! Good news. We found a Rainbow Brite patch to cover it up. Thanks, Laura. :)

9 - A photo you took:
 Bloody nose on trek. Yikes.

10 - Something you are OCD about:
Toothpaste caps. I hate messy toothpaste caps. That's right, I wish they'd straight up die.
11 - Your Favorite Outfit:
My sparkly pink horse shirt with the moon and forest in the background, my H & M shoes, and my roll up Bermuda jean shorts. :)
12 - Your Favorite Shoes:
12 buck H&M shoes. So stoked for Fall H &M!
13 - Your dream house:
Don't care. As long as it has a piano, a huge yard, and lots of windows.
14- A song that makes you cry:
Mama's Red Slippers for Christmas. Kidding. I'm not even going to try to figure out the real title of the song else it'll be in all of our heads. Worst day ever.
15 - An art piece:
16 - My future wedding:
Outside reception, very simple, and filled with family, friends, laughing, and sparkling apple cider.
We'll be rich.
17 - A talent of yours:
I can make friends with anyone! I love to test this one out... Anyone with a challenge in mind, let me know. :)
18 - A hobby of yours:
Falling off my longboard daily and loving it.

19 - A recipe:
 Onera on anything, delish.

20 - A website:
love my Regina Spektor, Killers, and Edward Sharpe stations!

21 - A youtube video:
Kid History. So cliche, so funny. Episode 6 does not disappoint!
22 - Your day, in great detail:
Woke up late, longboarded to lab, learned how to use a microscope and identified several slides (surprisingly thrilling!), went to Subway, walked at Icon and talked to my good friends Diane, Heidi, and Brian ha, rode Beatrice, laughed very hard in Dr. Harris' Chemistry class as I sat on the floor in the back of the room (I was late ha), sat and talked with my best friends upstairs, went to Opinionology to chat with some kind folks, came home to many goodies my wonderful roomies make, stretched and talked to my bff's upstairs, blogstalked, and blogged. Phew. Big day.

23 - Your week, in great detail:
Crazy. Started school, I love it!
24 - Your worst habit:
Mocking people because I think it's funny! NOT funny! Mean. Very mean.
25 - Hopes, dreams, and plans for next 365 days:
Get real teeth, work hard and succeed in school, dance with my whole soul every single rehearsal, run a half marathon (amazing Diane at work did it, I can, too!!), make many many many new friends!
26 - A dream for the future:
Earn my blessings by being the best I can be and help those around me as much as I possibly can:
Show them how much Heavenly Father loves them!

The end. You know are reacquainted with Tracie Paul, 19, Logan, Utah.
Lovely to see you all again!