Friday, January 4, 2013

The pre-existent Tracie, trying to scott pilgrim vs. the world fight her way out of this haggard mortal Tracie

An appetizer for your ears. And I know how overplayed it is, but honestly, such a wonderful song. I'll run it into the ground tissue of my ear drums before I quit listening to it.

With that as the soundtrack for this post, I don't know how you could possibly stop reading here. Just like when I watched Ghost of Girlfriends Past by myself, and didn't turn it off, despite countless Young Women lessons on being able to turn off crap, because that's all that horrible movie was. Hot crap with chunks.

Anyways, ya'll aren't paying me to review movies graphically. You are, however, paying me a handsome sum for the musings of a 20-going-on-21 year old in Logan, Utah.

It's the Friday before the Spring Semester of 2013 starts! I'm so excited for this term. It will be quite difficult, but I think that I will work as hard as I expect myself to. I've realized that negative beat downs on myself with low expectations aren't very motivating, so hopefully this route works! I've been trying a lot harder recently to be more positive. Happiness is a decision! I've been reading the General Conference talks from this last fall, and it's been giving me a sound beat on my bottom for my Negative Nancy person I've been for, oh, six months?

*Next musical snack :

But anyways. Trying to break out of these leg braces have been difficult and awkward, and I'm sure it's not over, because despite how easy Forrest Gump made it look, ain't nobody sprinting right out of those things. But I've been fortunate in receiving helpful advice from everyone, particularly one of my brothers! I had all this available space in my mind and heart and planner, and I was filling it with less than awesome things. He told me the best way to get past everything is to spend this new time and space with improving myself. With doing things I hadn't done but have always wanted to. And here is where my post transitions into every other person's blog format! Self improvement, goals, wish lists, but no baby/dog/outfit pictures. That's where it varies. Sorry, guysss.

*some more music stuff.

I'm happy. Not always, but I'm working on it. I'm not focusing on the end product, but the process there. (See Pres Uchtdorf's talk, I don't know which one, basically any would suffice because he's just plain awesome.)

Sometimes I'll slip into self pity, but after a few minutes of being absorbed, that Tracie that I'm trying to become will laugh, pull me out of my covers, and push me outside. Because she's the coolest person ever, and I can't wait to meet her. She existed before I was born, and Heavenly Father had the faith in me that I could get to know her during my short lifetime. You guys will like her, I just know it. She's kind of intimidating, but totally down to earth, you'll love her. and just hilarious. lemme tell you... <fade off as I tell stories of pranks she pulled and jokes she told in the pre-existence, in the most un-sacrilegious way>