Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Boxcar Children and the Case of the Stunna Shades from Baldwin Optical!!!

Once upon a time, my roommate, Katelin (quick insert, to be coming- a post introducing everyone, so the thousands of readers know who I'm talking about when I talk about them. You're welcome. :)), works at an Optical place. This means we have a great deal of the highest quality of glasses around. So my good pal Torianne and I modeled them. And no, sadly, she is not Asian.

 Aren't we as pristine as possible? I think so.
Once upon a time, in need of a good solid Adventure, we decided to sleep on a train.
So we packed up a good deal of blankets and food and set off to Tremonton, by where Katelin lives. There is a string of abandoned boxcars next to an active track just off her property, and we decided to sleep on it. Armed with a baseball bat, pepper spray, a knife, and a 135 pound boy named Cody, Katelin, Bridgett, Tori and I were prepared to meet all the hobos in the world.

 If our many weapons or muscular Cody failed us against said hobos, we brought a good deal of food to barter with. These are cinnamon graham cracker vanilla frosting sandwiches, let set for four hours, and they are absolutely miraculous. Honestly, genuinely, frankly, and legitimately, straight up miraculous. Try it some day.

 After a solid six hours of uninterrupted sleep (minus the two trains that screamed past us throughout the night and woke us up peeing our pants), we woke up quite refreshed and shook our blankets free of the bird poop and went home to watch Conference. :)

And THIS is how legitimate we truly are. :)