Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Restlessness Blues...

I feel super restless today. I'm crazy tired and have a cruiseshipsload to do. But all I want to do is listen to music and adventure. In an ideal life, I would:

Drop out of school.
Move to Southern Utah and adventure all. day. long.
I would listen to Send Me On My Way all. day. long.
I would smoke a lot of peyote. Thanks to the above song.
I would dance.
I would read.
I would befriend every rock and tree and creature. Maybe even people, too.

Not included:
The need to sleep.

I think I'll do it. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jus' suhdarn many blessuns...

My dear friends and family! It is March 14, 2012. And a Wednesday. It has been the best March 14th to date! Here I am, spending Spring Break at Kat's house, doing exactly what I love to do. Eating cadbury eggs and thin mint Girl scout cookies, drinking milk, and watching a whole lot of That 70's Show. And only a little bit of Tosh.0, ok? I'm not Satan. I think... (said Ginny Weasley in the middle of the Chamber of Secrets, painting the wall with chicken blood)

Remember how I love lists, goals, and accountability? That's probably why 75% of blogs exist. And those things occupy about 75% of my blog, I've noticed. The other 25% is engrossingly beautiful, deep thoughts of my exciting life as a struggling student in Logan, Utah. I just got the chills, and so did all of my English teachers from 7th grade, up, I'm pretty sure. Eh, Kathrin? Except I doubt engrossingly is a word, because it's got that horribly daunting red squiggly underneath it. I don't care though. I'm a freaking honey badger. And I don't give one shiz! (Oooooh, zing!)
So anyways. Back to goals. I think I'm going to make a few for this next installment of school after spring break is over.
Goal One: Study for 30 minutes each subject, everyday.
Goal Two: That's it.
Also I need to manage time more wisely. I've been doing just OKAY lately, but that's what Edward said to Mary on the Little House of the Prairie before he got his sight back and things looked super up for him. But then his child was burned in a house by Mary's stupid foster brother. I think. Grandma and I always fall asleep before we get to that part.
But truly. I have a new friend who happens to be a boy who happens to be very entertaining who happens to be very attractive who also happens to occupy an obscenely large amount of my time. Maybe one day I'll tell the world wide web about him. Anyways. Once I get a steady studying habit going, I'll be a scholar. And I'm working a boatload (not at all, really, I just pretend to be super busy all the time), and dancing a cruiseboatload. But I'm almost to an equilibrium, hopefully I can get it together after this week!
Meanwhile, I have this week. And yes, I think I will be a slug. I will press replay on this youtube music video I'm listening to (Calvin Harris Feel So Close, I think this is the sixth round? Sheesh!). I will have showering be my one productive activity of the day. I will spend time with friends, family, and a dog I never see. And watch a ridiculous amount of television.
So eat your heart out, Mary Ingalls. You'll never get your sight back.

Friday, March 2, 2012

MEANWHILE Mildly in charge with some Magnificent March Monologues aMidst Morning Matrices

<insert sheepish shrug>
That was a funny joke I played, huh, guys.
So I was thinking on my way home from my Biology test this morning, that I had so many enormously important and entertaining thoughts just simmering in this here noggin, it was entirely selfish keeping them to myself. So I'm sharing once again.

Hard brownies: Why? Even with some microwave time, they resisted being cooperative and glared at me from my plate. I shed a few tears and went to work.

School: Why? Let me learn in peace. Gerroff me, Russian chemists. Also, you too, garden gnomes.

And that's the end of my thought process. And my blog contributions. But starting up again is the hardest part, right?

So yes, I was productive today.