Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Restlessness Blues...

I feel super restless today. I'm crazy tired and have a cruiseshipsload to do. But all I want to do is listen to music and adventure. In an ideal life, I would:

Drop out of school.
Move to Southern Utah and adventure all. day. long.
I would listen to Send Me On My Way all. day. long.
I would smoke a lot of peyote. Thanks to the above song.
I would dance.
I would read.
I would befriend every rock and tree and creature. Maybe even people, too.

Not included:
The need to sleep.

I think I'll do it. :)


Laura Burtis said...

I fully support this decision. Wait, no I don't! HA! Maybe just the decision to sleep... mmm-kay?! LOVE YOU!

Kathrin Paul said...

Hahahahahaha. Good times.