Friday, March 2, 2012

MEANWHILE Mildly in charge with some Magnificent March Monologues aMidst Morning Matrices

<insert sheepish shrug>
That was a funny joke I played, huh, guys.
So I was thinking on my way home from my Biology test this morning, that I had so many enormously important and entertaining thoughts just simmering in this here noggin, it was entirely selfish keeping them to myself. So I'm sharing once again.

Hard brownies: Why? Even with some microwave time, they resisted being cooperative and glared at me from my plate. I shed a few tears and went to work.

School: Why? Let me learn in peace. Gerroff me, Russian chemists. Also, you too, garden gnomes.

And that's the end of my thought process. And my blog contributions. But starting up again is the hardest part, right?

So yes, I was productive today.

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Laura Burtis said...

YES! Please start up again! I've missed your hilarious and entertaining posts SO much! So please stop being selfish and share!!

Love you!