Tuesday, June 7, 2011

homesick... while somehow managing to be as unhomely as possible. who knew?

the smell of lucy's tummy
drinking a huge swig of dad's ice water in the middle of the night
the smell of my basement
warm silence
mowing the lawn
cosby/mash/nova/the simpsons/secret snatches of that 70's show
eating whatever, whenever, not caring how it fit in my weekly grocery budget
no competition
my piano
kat's house
singing as loud as possible
mom and dad's bed
the trampoline
bear lake
mailbox runs
grandma's garden runs
neighborhood runs
home in the summer!


Laura Burtis said...

Oh Trace! I forgot that this is your first Summer away from home!! Your very first Summer as an adult too?! Those are fantastic things to miss- but I know that you will have amazing adventures this summer too!! Helllllooooo brand new scooter!! P.s. Did you decide on a name yet?
I love you Tracie, and I'm so proud of you! If you ever want to chitty chat- call me! (Even if its 1:30 in the morning! I would absolutely sacrifice my sleep for you!!)

Kathrin Paul said...

My house misses you too. I don't think Lucy does though. :) Love you!!!