Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why my life is aboriginal as it gets.

As original.
Get it?

I totally have a freaking scooter. 
A genuine, motorized, 150cc, blue, gorgeous, ticket-able without a motorcycle endorsement scooter.
Her name is Beatrice and she has 210 miles on her as of today. 40 more and we can venture about 35 miles an hour.
Watch out, Logan. 
Since I'd become quite tired of work, I decided THIS GIRL needed some frozen yogurt from the Twizlberry across the street. So off my girl Beatrice and I went.
I packed on the goods. Cake batter and every chocolate topping available. 
I weighed it.
14.0 ounces EXACTLY. (yes, almost a pound. Don't judge.)
SURPRISE! Today's Weight of the Day was 14.0. WHICH MEANS it was one hundred percent 
I have the greatest jobs in the world. One, I talk to fabulous people all day while breaking workout equipment.
And also, sometimes we get to take a jump rope outside and I always see this snake on the side of the violently pregnant Logan River, in the same spot. I've seen him five times now. He's scared of me. But give us a few more weeks. We'll be pals yet.
The other, I talk to fabulous people all day while on a headset. I have so many great stories of hilarious people. I love calling America.
Those are mostly my reasons for having an aboriginal as it gets life. 
And also, sometimes I stand like this.  
 Oh and also. I'm pretty brown, too. 


Laura Burtis said...

#1- I want you to know that your insanely smart sister had to look up what aboriginal means :) (you know you love me!)
#2- I'm pretty dang proud of you for getting 14 oz of Frozen Yogurt- and SO happy that it was FREE!!!
#3- I'm so happy for you that you love your jobs- I cannot wait to hear all of your hilarious stories!

Thank you for the update!! I sure do love you!!

Clayton and Heidi said...

PLEASE do not tell me where your friend the snake is as I am DEATHLY afraid of Satan's beast (aka snake). You know I take that walk daily and scream like a freaking baby when I see one. I can not express how much I hate snakes!!!

Props to you and free yogurt! I am so proud!

Kathrin Paul said...

HILARIOUS. Although, very psychedelic to read.