Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trolloping Tractors Tragically Trash Tracie's Trainers.

The good news is that I have an insanely awesome job that I start tomorrow! I'm terribly excited for it.
The bad news is that I spent a good portion of the last 24 hours throwing up.
The good news is that I feel much better.
The bad news is that I'm a pirate.
The good news is that I'm a pirate.
The bad news is that when someone rides a longboard, they get asked a lot of questions, much about legitimacy. Why do they care? It's a mode of transportation. Weirdos. Country Bumpkins. Goons. Silly Cindys.
The good news is that I'm meeting millions of people. Literally.
The bad news is that I just lied. Not literally.
The good news is that there are attractive men living in my building.
The bad news is that they scare me, so I will likely be mean and sarcastically witty to them in an elementary school way to show them my interest.
The good news is that I'm just a baby, so it doesn't matter, anyways. Friendship!
For other news, visit bbc.com, but it's not nearly as riveting as mine, sorry!
Thank you, and good night.


Laura Burtis said...

{Why is blogger being so dang difficult? Oh well} Trace - this made me laugh, I sure do like you an awful lot! I'm so sorry that you were sick yesterday, that really does suck so bad! But I'm very excited for you to start your new job today!! I can't wait to hear all about it!! I'm also pretty stoked that you have attractive men living in your building. Yay for friendship {with a little eye candy :)}. Love you!!

Kathrin Paul said...

The good news is that you got to enjoy that awesome bbq food twice and didn't even gain a pound. The bad news is that it doesn't taste as good coming back up. Am I right or am I right? rightrightrightrightright.
You're totally legit on the longboard, do you need a shirt that says that so the haters can stay away?
And for the boys, pretend like nothing would ever happen with them anyway and you can flirt without fear and then maybe if one wants to make out because he thinks you're supa hott, then, sa-weet!!!
And you're funny. I think that's all.