Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California 2011, again!

So as an outrageously super lucky (and frivolous) girl, I went to California the past week with my neighbor and his friends! It was totally an impulsive decision, much to my dad's disgust, but I had an amazing time!
The only downer of this trip was the lack of Dole Whips. Those who know me can understand my deep sorrow at this. But I got over it, thanks to this:
And nearly replaced it, with THIS! Coconut Fudge ice cream, at Marianne's in Santa Cruz!
 And luckily, I have this fabulous beach body, which fabulousness was amplified ten fold by this flattering wet suits! Truly, though, surfing was one of the most amazing things ever! It was so dang fun, but so hard!

 And this, dear friends, is my uncannily well fashioned pal, Jeffrey William Lunt. Who doesn't love a good plaid on plaid combo?

The gorgeous Monterey bay!

 The Pier with amazing clam chowder in sourdough breadbowls!
SO SO SO good.

 This was a gorgeous beach we stopped at while on our way to San Francisco on Highway One.

The whole gang! (left to right)
Preston, Jeff, Ashley, and myself.

 And because we didn't take pictures surfing, I thought I'd give you an image as to how good we were.
Better than this guy.
You better believe it.


Clayton and Heidi said...

I have been waiting all week for this.

Now I can go home.

You did not dissapoint!

jenn said...

So fun. Sometimes those impulsive decisions turn out to be some of the best memories. You only get to be impulsive a few times in your life. Looks like an awesome trip.

Laura Burtis said...

YAY!!! Such a good post! I cannot wait to talk to you all about your trip on Saturday!! And HELLO CLAM CHOWDER right?! So DELISH!!! I'm so glad you went on this super fun adventure Trace! Love all of the pictures! Oh and surfing is so hard huh?! But totally fun too! Maybe sometime we could go together?? LOVE YOU!!!

Kathrin Paul said...

Well thems lookin like some good times.