Monday, May 23, 2011

Deep Breath

Guess what, everyone?

Life is super scary.

I have an entire summer before me.
I have no idea what it holds, and I'm quite nervous.
As I am essentially by myself for the first time, I've felt a lot of insecurity lately. My best friends have all left, and I need to find new people to love.

There are 48,174 people in Logan.
And I plan on meeting at least three of them everyday for the next three months.
I'll look at the library, the CVTD (bus), the store, church, my building, everywhere!
I will learn their stories, fall in love with them, and tell them how appreciated they are, and write about what I've learned from them here.

I want to find a better friend within myself. I need to better acquaint myself with me and my Heavenly Father. These two important relationships have severely suffered in being constantly surrounded by stress and the comfort zones of good friends.
I'm determined to make this seemingly lonely summer turn into one of the most lovely I'll ever have.
As my co-worker Chelsea, always says, "Friendship!"
Here's to breaking comfort zones!


Laura Burtis said...

Trace, you are one of my favorite people - and I'm absolutely postive that you are going to have a fabulous Summer and meet lots of new, fun peeps! I love you!!

Kathrin Paul said...

Yeah!! Woot wiggity woot!