Monday, May 2, 2011

In the summertime, when the weather is hot...

Stars and garters, all. It's summer time, already! Enormous plans! I'm so terribly excited! I'm moving in two weeks into an apartment with three mysteries, into a place with my OWN bedroom AND bathroom!!! Almost too great to handle! I've been job hunting all morning to part time along with my fabulous ICON job, and I'm so excited! Along with the new setting, I have some new goals:

  1. Run the half marathon in August.
  2. Make an insane amount of new friends, especially to adventure with, since I'm losing my current ones to the gospel! I guess I'll allow it...
  3. Get my emergency fund of 2000 to sit on.
  4. Get a library card!
  5. Thoroughly explore every cents worth of mountain within ten miles. I WILL become a mountain woman. Plus showering. And makeup. I'm far too vain.
  6. Drench my Book of Mormon in highlighter.
  7. Get a few new freckles.
AND I get to go to San Jose and San Francisco this Friday for a week! I'm going to explode in confetti if one more happy thing occurs. Luckily, I have finals to prevent explosion. Thank the stars, right? To be continued!


Kathrin Paul said...

Yipppppeeeeeeeeee! Sounds so so fun!

Michael and Laura said...

HALLELUJAH!!! I'm SO freaking excited that it is Summer!!! And I'm so dang excited for you and all of your new adventures!! YAY for Cali again! You are going to love San Francisco!! And it's okay that you are vain, I'm vain too :)

Clayton and Heidi said...

Have you asked your boss at Icon if you can go?

Just wonderin'...

JK-go and have a great time. YOu will be missed by me:)