Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A verbal diarrhea so intense and forceful as to equal any fire extinguisher or dam or playdoh toy pushed to its' emotional and physical limits

I've been thinking about this topic so very much lately, and as you know, thoughts in Tracie's brain don't sit there for too long before being splattered into the letters that form my very own blog.

This song is a MUST if you wish to read any further. Under penalty of having to suffer in the Army of the Undead that serves under Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You heard their sigh when finally released, you
DO NOT want any of that.
Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes


It started probably the first time I heard "So this is love" in Cinderella or the first time I registered my Dad brushing his mustache out of the way so he could kiss my mom everyday as he came home from work. But I've slowly been spoon fed via airplane sounds the finest of pureed foods: not bananas, but the most cliched, sung about, written about topic in the world. Lurve. LOVE. Or Lima Oscar Victor Echo, for those of you in the armed forces.

So yeah, it's always been on my mind, but I think that it's a requirement as you hit your 20's or sit through a Young Women's lesson or watch a good episode of the Office that it takes over your brain. I've often wondered the amount of good my thoughts could have done had they been preoccupied with something other than who likes who and how to get someone. I probably could have solved every Encyclopedia Brown case ever, WITHOUT looking at the back of the book.

But seriously. Holy buckets, Charlie. I am hitting my full stride as a Mormon girl in Utah and am so infatuated with infatuation. I am tickled pink to see anyone fortunate enough to be in the process. It's such a wonderful experience. The beginning, the duration, and even the end. Being brave, clueless, trusting, and sacrificing. It's so fun. And ideally, all of the cycles you go through end in a final resting place in the Shire at Bag End, with adorable curly haired little girls and a wonderful Sam to close the door behind you.

And I know that it doesn't end there. That's it's this crazy battle that 50% of couples lose. But that in itself, proves how worth it it is. You earn every ounce of your joy that you collect. Shout out to my Ma and Pa, they work tirelessly, endlessly to keep it going. I see it, and appreciate it so very much. I know they aren't perfect, and there's nothing funnier than my mom yelling "lalala!" in the bathroom as my Dad tries to argue who gets a Christmas card and who doesn't, but they still make inappropriate comments and giggle. They still have date nights. They still care about surprising each other and doing the little things to make the other happy. It's so inspiring, and I love them for their example of selfless love for me.

It's everywhere. And it's so exciting. I'm excited for the cycles I'm about to go through and eventually, the final one that will make ME, the most indecisive person ever, crumple up all other options and make my choice.

I'm excited. :)

And yes, you can judge me and make fun of me and call me an 11 year old girl named Victoria with braces and false vibrato and high hopes for love, but I know one of those girls and she's gorgeous and I'm proud to be in her horse loving club, ok? H8rz gonna h8.


Anonymous said...

It's like Christmas morning when you blog! I can't wait to open your gift to the world! And remember, "Good things come to those who wait" (on The Lord :). I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

It's like Christmas morning when you blog! I can't wait to open your gift to the world! And remember, "Good things come to those who wait" (on The Lord :). I LOVE YOU!

Kathrin Paul said...

Hahahaha. Your metaphors. I want to be in that club, are there dues?

Anonymous said...

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