Thursday, April 5, 2012


Once upon a time, a girl had never tried chocolate before.
She saw it everywhere, and heard everything about it in movies and songs.
Then one day, she had the great pleasure of tasting some Hershey's chocolate.
It was the greatest thing she had ever tried, and she was enthralled.
It was all she wanted to eat, all day, everyday.
It was all she thought about.

Then, someone told her, "Tracie, in order to get some elite Swiss chocolate, you must give up the Hershey's chocolate, just for a little while. Patience."
And she said, "No, thank you. I would like my chocolate back, please. In fact, any chocolate would suffice, even some from the Deseret Industries would be delightful."

But she complied.
And now, all she wants is some dang chocolate.
And her heart hurts.


Laura Burtis said...

So... I think I get this... and I think I really like this. Because let's face it - chocolate is a whole lotta fun! So, I totally think you should go get some chocolate - asap. Just don't tell our brother, Alan, he judges when people have too much chocolate :)

Kathrin Paul said...

Oh, I didn't even see this one! Girl, epic post. Perfect. And I will buy you some chocolate. :) Only the best for you, little lady.